Meet Shawn & Nikki

Shawn and Nikki Smith are award-winning entrepreneurs and founders of RevenueSmith, a joint venture firm and marketing agency in San Francisco, California.

RevenueSmith partners with successful entrepreneurs to find, keep, and scale the right customers, so owners can grow their businesses and contribute more to their communities and industries.

Shawn, Nikki and the RevenueSmith team have connected hundreds of thousands of people to products like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, Wizard101, FarmVille, Rich Dad Educational Seminars, and Not For Sale.

Dave Batstone

"One of the best things that happen this year was meeting and working with Shawn and Nikki."

− Dave Batstone, President of Just Business, an international investment group, California

Ryan Berger

"I loved working with Nikki and Shawn. It’s not just the day-to-day responsiveness, but we have more of a trust level. Integrity would be the best word. "

− Ryan Berger, Manager, Motive Interactive, San Diego

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